3 Dating Ruled Disabled Girls Need to Keep in Mind

Even though dating is exciting and fun, it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. What will you wear? Will he like you? Will you make a good first impression? Will you ask the right questions? These worries are completely normal when you start dating someone new. However, things get even more complicated when you are one of the disabled singles.  Don’t worry; you will learn how to navigate the dating process and have a positive experience with these tips.

Mention your disability before you meet

If you have met your date on one of the handicapped dating sites, he surely knows about your disability. However, if you’ve used some other app or site, figuring out when to disclose your disability can be complicated. You can mention it in your profile or tell your potential match over the chat. Whatever you decide to do, you should let him know that you are in a wheelchair before you meet him face to face. This way you will avoid causing an awkward situation and weed out guys who don’t want to date a disabled girl.

Don’t be afraid to talk about it

Whether you like it or not, your wheelchair will most likely make your date nervous. He won’t know which gestures are okay and which are not, and he might say something stupid. Therefore, tell him about your disability, how it affects your life and answer the questions he might have. When he learns more about it, he will be able to relax and get to know the real you.

Explain your caregiver

In case you have a disability and you need assistance with eating and drinking, asking your date to help you can be weird. On the other hand, bringing your caregiver or a family member can be awkward as well. Therefore, before you go to a date, let your potential match know that you are bringing this third person with you, explain their role and assure him that you will still have some alone time. After all, if the date isn’t going well, you can always use your caregiver as an easy way out. On the other hand, if things work out your partner will learn how to help you over time and you will be able to go on romantic dates without the third wheel.

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