5 Things Every Cub Needs to Know About Dating Cougars

As you probably know, cougars require more attention than younger girls because they have a rich life experience and they don’t put up with any BS. On the other hand, chatting with a mature woman on a cougar finder app is one thing but approaching her in person is completely different. If you want to become an experienced cub, here are some things you should keep in mind. Although these rules are pretty much universal, they have also proved to be a must-read for cougar chasers in particular.

Show that you are confident

That is just one of the things that makes you attractive to cougars. If you are not confident or self-aware, you will strike out. Therefore, you need to be prepared to be the best version of yourself because a cougar can sniff out someone who is insecure in a second. Make sure that you have your A game going on and don’t worry about those little thoughts that are going through your head.

Make sure you read her body language

If she is on the phone, talking to her friend or making it very evident that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone with her body language, do not approach her. No matter how good looking or charming you are, at that moment you will just be a white noise that’s bothering her, and she will blow you off in a second.

Say something stimulating

Her time is precious, and she doesn’t want to waste it. Therefore, when you walk up to her and make some sort of an opening line, make sure you say something intelligent and interesting. Instead of winging it, figure out what you will say beforehand so that your nerves don’t get the best of you and you end up sounding like a complete moron.

Be attentive

The worst thing you can do while talking to her is checking your phone. She wants your undivided attention, and if you are texting or looking at people around you, she won’t feel respected or special. Therefore, leave your phone in a pocket and make sure you maintain an eye contact.

Don’t mention her age

Definitely, one thing you should not do when talking to a cougar is asking about her age. Also, don’t ask about her kid’s age or emphasize yours. Keep all that nonsense out of the room! Of course, she knows that you are not members of the same generation, but she doesn’t always have to be aware of it during a conversation.

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