6 Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should Give Younger Guys a Chance

Believe it or not, older women have always loved younger men, it is not something modern ladies have invented. Just check out some history books and you will see that women have dated their juniors for centuries, but now society finally finds it more acceptable. If you are in your 40s or 50s and still have no idea why ladies your age find these guys so desirable, read the following. If these reasons don’t convince you to install cougar finder apps and develop a taste for cubs, we don’t know what will.

They will rock your world in the bedroom

Naturally, younger guys are stronger, leaner and faster than older ones. Thanks to their energy and stamina, they will take you to an orgasm heaven and you will leave your bedroom with a huge smile on your face.

They are hot

Let’s face it ladies: men start to neglect their appearance with age. They stop going to the gym and all those beers and chicken wings take a toll on their looks. However, younger guys still have those yummy firm and attractive bodies, and what woman does not want someone pretty to hold her arm?

Biological match

Since women reach their sexual prime in their 40s and men in their 20s, older ladies are much more sexually in tune with younger guys than with members of their own generation. You have the experience, he has energy and stamina, it’s a match made in heaven.

He is not threatened by your success

If you are a career woman and you are dating an older man, chances are that your partner is threatened by your success. However, cubs are only climbing the corporate leader and they have a long way to go, so they won’t find your accomplishments intimidating.

He will boost your confidence

If you are like most women, your self-esteem will get lower and lower as the number of your wrinkles gets higher and higher. However, knowing that you are able to attract a younger guy and still be considered sexy and desirable will give you an instant confidence boost and let you know you’ve still got it.

Catching up on lost time

If you got married early on and now you are single after two or three decades, you probably regret missing all those wild party years of your life. However, now you have a second chance, so be sure not to waste it!

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