Cougar Dating Tips: 4 Reasons why Dating Younger Guys is Better Than Dating Men Your Age

A lot of women in their 40s who are freshly divorced or just came out of a serious, long-term relationship choose to date younger guys. They do this because they want to have fun with someone and feel alive and full of energy again. If this sounds tempting to you, you should consider joining cougar dating club. There are so many reasons why you should give a younger guy a chance at least once in your life, and here are some of them.

They are more attractive

Let’s be honest here; younger guys are way hotter than their older counterparts. When they reach a certain age, men stop making an effort and grow a beer belly and start wearing sweatshirts instead. However, every woman, no matter how old, would rather roll around her bedsheets with a Greek God than Homer Simpson. Are we right ladies? Younger guys look absolutely yummy with their full set of hair and sexy six-packs, so there is at least one reason to date them.

They are more eager to please in the bedroom

Forget about those little pills older guys must take before they can rock your world! Younger dudes are always ready to go, they have the stamina and can please you for hours. Also, you know how they say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Well, you can certainly teach a puppy! Your juniors are usually eager to please and learn, so you can turn any young guy into your sex god. Since women reach their sexual peak in their 40s, dating someone who is nearly half your age might be just what you need.

They have more energy

If you are an active woman who is always on the move, maybe dating younger guys is your cup of tea. Instead of watching your partner eat KFC out of the bucket in front of a TV, you will be able to go on numerous adventures together and experience a lot of new and exciting things.

You will feel young again

With a younger man by your side, you will feel like a high school girl again who is making out with her guy on the back seat of his car. You will feel youthful, free and without a care in the world.

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