Top 3 Questions you Will Ask Yourself when You Enter the Disabled Dating Scene

If you are a part of the disabled dating community, you may face numerous obstacles while trying to achieve your romantic goals. However, it’s important to realize that other people do not prevent you from pursuing a relationship; it’s your thoughts that can be your worst enemy. Therefore, if you have just got back on the market, here are top 3 questions that will most likely come to you and make you doubt everything.

Does he really like me?

If you start dating a kind and helpful guy, you may start wondering whether he is a genuine gentleman or just feels obligated to assist you. It’s true that he opens doors for you, makes room so that you can move around freely, helps you take your coat off and behaves in a chivalrous way. But is he usually like that or does he do all those things because you are in a wheelchair?

Is he intimidated by me?

You have met a guy, everything is going great, but he is not making that first move. Is it because he sees you as a friend or maybe he is worried that you don’t have a future together? He might be worried that your health will start to decline, that his friends or family won’t be supportive of your relationship or maybe that life with a disabled person might be too much for him to handle. It is perfectly normal for a person to think about a relationship with a handicapped individual and the ways it could affect them in the long run. But figuring out whether they are simply overwhelmed with these thoughts or they are not interested in you can be a doozy.

Is he with me because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings?

When things go south in a relationship, people do not hesitate to break up. However, when someone is dating a person in a wheelchair and think about splitting up, they are usually worried they will hurt their disabled partner’s feelings. Face it; no one wants to be the bad guy who made the person in a wheelchair cry. So, as a disabled girl, you will find yourself worrying whether your guy wanted to break up with you during your last fight but couldn’t build up the courage to do so.

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